Welcome to the Little Red Store website.  We hope your rock gathering, grinding and polishing is going well--it is a great time to fire up those tumblers and make pretty rocks!  We sincerely want to be your supplier for rock tumbling supplies, spare parts and new equipment.

If you are new to this website, we want to thank you for coming.  Consider working your way down the left column to get an idea of what we have stocked in our "rooms".  Don't forget to review the "Technical Tips" section as well as the "Package Deals", which are great for those new to rock tumbling or for those needing to go deeper on a certain subject.

Cerium Oxide rock polish prices have finally returned to normal! We are thankful for that because Cerium Oxide is the workhorse for polishing rocks.

Our specialty is--and always has been--rock tumbling.  We're happy to give you our honest advice and counsel by phone too.  Just E-Mail us and we're happy to contact you.  We can also supply any type of lapidary equipment you need. If we don't carry it in stock, we can find it for you and have it drop-shipped right to your front door. That's our specialty, and we maintain dealer relationships with all the “big guys” in the lapidary market so you get the very best deals. Try us!

Steve's book on rock tumbling, Modern Rock Tumbling, has had a second printing and continues to be very popular & helpful.  It is now available from many other lapidary dealers in the rock tumbling universe.  We are excited to announce that we will be offering this best-seller as an eBook beginning in mid-March, 2016.  This should be most helpful to our international customers and to anyone who needs to read it right now!
And when you need a spare lid for your Thumler barrel because your old one developed a hole in the center, this is the only place in America which automatically glues a tire patch on the inside of your lid before we ship it--this will add greatly to the life of your new lid for just a nominal cost.  Your new Thumler rotary tumblers (the AR- series) and barrels shipped from Little Red Store will have reinforced lids also.
And thanks for noticing that we ship all our tumbling powders in rugged plastic containers, so you never have to wonder if your powder is damp or contaminated.
Yes we ship Internationally. Once you give us your International order (plus your complete address and phone number), we box it up, weigh it and run it through our computer program to get a shipping quote. Then we E-Mail you the total costs and send a PayPal Invoice.  Once paid, we ship your order the very next business day. Best of all, we don't charge you any extra money for this service!

Our little web-based company started business in August of 2008 and is now over 7 years old! Our entire staff would like to thank you for making Little Red Store a success, despite the tough economic times we are all facing. You have been awesome!

Yes, we still check all your orders to find the cheapest way to ship them--we compare UPS Ground to US Post Office for the better deal.  If we find a less expensive way, we initiate a refund through your credit card.  We refund over $1000 a year this way!  Please note that it is our company policy is to insure all shipments over $100.00.

Thanks for letting us be your rock tumbling supplier.