Rock Tumbling Accessories

These are the accessories you will need and want to enhance your rock tumbling efforts.  These include our famous Polish Stick, the handy Stir Stick, the greatest oiler on the market to keep your tumblers running smoothly, our red tablespoon and quarter-cup measures, the Accufill Rings (which help you get a perfect slurry every time), a great rock hardness pick set, Bausch & Lomb loupes to see the scratches (this helps you determine when to go to the next stage), and lots of other cool stuff.  We also have replacement points for the hardness picks--just call us and tell us what you need.

Polish Stick

  • Polish Stick--120K Image.jpg

This is a Little Red Store exclusive.  We call it the Polish Stick and it is used in two important tumbling situations.  First, after the prepolish, we wet the leather portion of the Polish Stick and sprinkle on our favorite polish (I normally use Cerium Oxide).  Then clean up a rock from the prepolish stage and rub it vigorously on the leather.  If the rubbed portion of the rock polishes, you're ready to go to the polish stage (if not, try another week in prepolish).

Second, when you think your polish stage has been completed successfully, re-wet your Polish Stick and rub one of the cleaned stones vigorously on the leather portion.  If the rubbed portion of the rock didn't produce a better shine, you're done with the polish stage (if it does polish, then try another week in the polish stage).

Price: $4.39


Stir Stick

  • Stir Stick--120K Image.jpg

Another Little Red Store exclusive product.  This is our Stir Stick and it comes in real handy when we have let our batch (rotary or vibratory) remain motionless too long and the slurry has hardened or set.  We need a non-sticking, non-scratching stirring instrument to get everything loosened up before we start tumbling again.  We don't need it often, but when we need it, we really need it!  Stir Sticks are sold individually.

Price: $3.49


Zoom Spout Equipment Oiler

  • Spout Oiler 5A--120K Image.jpg

This is a plastic bottle of general purpose lubricating oil with a spout that extends or retracts to suit your needs.  Comes in handy oiling plastic shaft bearings and tumbler motors, but because it is so versatile, you will find yourself using it in hundreds of other ways.  Very precise dosage.  Put one drop right where you need it.  Makes a great gift for the mechanic in your house too!

Price: $3.99


Tablespoon Measures (2 each)

  • TBSP--120.4K.jpg

These long handled tablespoon measures will prevent contamination of your batches.  Accurate when filled to the brim.  Buy one for every type of powder, mark them, and you will never use the wrong tablespoon measure again.  You get a pair when you order one.  They have a round bottom so you can't lay them aside to get contaminated.  Of course they are RED, so you know where they came from!

Price: $1.49


1/2 Cup Measure

  • Fourth Cup--113.6K.jpg

These 1/2 cup measures are accurate when filled to the brim.  Has long handle for easy charging of barrels and bowls.  Supplied in Little Red Store special red color to reduce eye strain (just kidding).

Price: $1.29


AccuFill Ring for 3-Pound Lortone Barrel

  • Lortone AccuFill--120K.jpg

The Accufill Ring is just the right size to make sure you have filled your barrel properly.  Place ring on top of rocks in barrel and when top of ring is level with top of barrel, the rocks are at the proper level.  Remember, you can make up for lost volume by adding the Ceramic Shape Mix.  One ring can measure all your barrels.

Price: $2.89


Accufill Ring for 3-Pound Thumler's Tumbler

  • Thumler AccuFill--120K.jpg

This is a properly-sized AccuFill Ring for the Thumler 3-pound barrel.  See the Lortone Ring above for instructions.

Price: $2.89


View of AccuFill Ring Properly Used

  • Use of AccuFill Ring in Barrel--120K.jpg

When the rocks inside the barrel are at the proper level, the top edge of the ring will be even with the top edge of the barrel.  Always fill barrels to this same level--it insures the proper amount of water in every slurry.

Price: $999.99

Notes: Do not order this product--for display only


Rock Hardness Pick Set (Deluxe)

  • Hardness Pick Set--400H Image.jpg

This is a complete set of double-ended rock hardness picks, Mohs 2 through 9, in a nice wooden carrying case.  Comes with a sharpening stone, magnet, glass plate, streak plate and complete instructions.  This is the easy and precise way to determine the hardness of a rock or glass.  Invaluable in assembling batches of tumbling rough with the same hardness.

We have spare points for the individual picks so they can be rebuilt--you never have to buy a new set.  Call us for spare parts.

Price: $89.95


10X Hastings Triplett Fold-Out Loupe

  • Std Loupe--Hastings--400W Image.jpg

This is our best quality fold-out magnifying loupe.  It will help you see scratches and imperfections in your rocks.  A major asset to see if the rocks are ready for the next stage.

Price: $49.99


10X Watchmaker's Loupe--Hastings Lens

  • Watchmakers Hastings--400W Image.jpg

Some will prefer this top quality Watchmaker's Loupe over the fold-out type.  It's a little less portable, but offers a fixed distance for focusing.  Hold the flared end with your eyebrows and it's a hands-free magnifier.

Price: $59.99


Specimen Bottles for Your really Nice Stuff (2 each)

  • 3-Dram Bottles--500k.jpg

These are the highest grade borosilicate glass 3-Dram vials with a flexible plastic cone in the cap for extra good seals--you can put oil or we prefer glycerin in these bottles to show off your small opals, gold, and tumbled chips to best advantage.  Fill 1/3 full of rocks, then the glycerin--sell on E-Bay for good profit.  Sold in pairs--a quantity of 1 is two bottles with caps.

Price: $2.49


Specimen Bottles by the dozen

Same as the 3-Dram bottles above, except a quantity of 1 is one dozen bottles with caps.

Price: $12.99


Two Dozen Specimen Bottles

Same as the 3-Dram bottles above, except a quantity of 1 is two dozen bottles with caps.

Price: $22.99


Handle Helper #1

  • Handle Helper Closeup with Quarter--500k.jpg
  • Closeup Holding Handle--500k.jpg

Handle helpers are made to go over your old bucket handle--just remove the metal bail from one side of your paint bucket and thread the Handle Helper onto the bail.  What a relief to have a larger handle so you can carry your rocks back to the car in comfort!  Sold in pairs--an order of one will get you two Handle Helpers.

Price: $2.89


Handle Helper #2

  • Closeup Holding Handle--500k.jpg

This is the same Handle Helper as above--I just needed to show you this picture so you could see one in action...

Price: $2.89


Empty Container--4.25 Gallon Pail with Wire Handle & Lid

  • 4.25 Gal Bucket--126K.jpg

This white plastic pail is a little smaller than a paint bucket.  Much easier to carry when full of rocks!  Made of pure HDPE, it is suitable for holding your Silicon Carbide or Polish powders as well.

Price: $7.79


Empty Container--1-Gallon with Plastic Handle & Lid

  • 1 Gal Pail--123.2K.jpg

At 134 ounces, this white HDPE plastic container is slightly larger than a gallon (128 ounces).  Can be used for grits and polish, or for rocks, parts, and equipment.

Price: $3.89


Empty Container--1/2 Gallon with Plastic Handle & Lid

  • 0.5 Gal Pail--119.8K.jpg

A very nice white HDPE plastic 1/2 gallon container for grits & powders, or your favorite rocks.  It's time to get your shop organized!

Price: $2.59


Empty Container--1 Quart with Lid (No Handle)

  • 1 Quart--131K.jpg

This is the handy 1 quart size, white HDPE plastic container with a snap on lid.  The HDPE plastic is virgin, high quality plastic which will last for many years.  Store away from sunlight for longer life.

Price: $1.69


Empty Container--1 Pint (2 Cups) with Lid (No Handle)

  • 1 Pint--126.9K.jpg

This is our smallest white HDPE plastic container, and it is very useful for properly storing your tumbling powders or spare parts.  Snap on lid makes it easy to keep your powders from becoming contaminated.  Think of it as a cottage cheese container that will last!

Price: $1.29


Big Red Scoop

  • Red Scoop--122K.jpg

Big Red is a great big scoop for granular materials,  The scoop section measures 6 1/2 inches X 9 inches, and overall, it is 6 1/2 inches by 15 inches!  For really big tumblers, or maybe breadmakers.  Bet you can't gues why it's red...

Price: $3.99