Rotary Rock Tumblers

Single-3 Lb-Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Lortone 3A)

  • Model 3A--120K Photo.jpg

This is considered the "basic model" for rock tumblers.  One 3-pound capacity barrel and a drive motor.  Has a very good leakproof lid-retainer system.  Most people start with a single-3 Lb. or a double-3 Lb. rotary rock tumbler.  Great for small loads, and while you are learning--same polish quality as the others.  Economical in it's use of electricity and powders.

Price: $97.95


Double- 3 Lb-Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Lortone 33B)

  • Model 33B--120K Photo.jpg

This is probably the most popular "basic" rock tumbler ever built--a perfect beginner's machine.  Two 3-Lb capacity barrels and a drive motor.  Same great lid-retainer system.  Gives you more flexibility when tumbling.  Use one barrel for agates and the other for jade, or save one barrel for polishing only.  Very economical to use, and your rocks will achieve the same level of polish as in any other tumbler.

Price: $142.95


Double 6-Lb Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Lortone QT-66)

  • QT-66  120k.jpg

This is one of Lortone's bigger rotary units, and it's pretty sweet.  A total capacity of 12 pounds in two 6-pound rubber barrels (hex-shaped on the inside).  Lots of flexibility--also will tumble the QT-12 barrel--and it features Lortone's famous lid system.

Price: $256.95


Single-3 Lb-Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Thumlers A-R1)

  • A-R1--Complete Unit--119.8K Image.jpg

This "basic" rock tumbler is similar to the Lortone 3A, but boasts a different lid-closure system with an external drive belt which is easier to change and monitor. One 3-Lb capacity barrel and a drive motor.  Good quality and whisper quiet.  Economical in it's use of electricity and powders.  Barrel Lid has been modified at LRS by gluing a tire patch for longer life.

Price: $133.95


Double-3 Lb- Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Thumler A-R2)

  • A-R2--Complete Unit--121.1K Image.jpg

Similar to the Lortone 33B, this twin barrel model gives the tumbling operator more options and choices than the single-barrel models.  Two 3-Lb capacity barrels and a drive motor.  Uses the Thumler lid-closure system consisting of a plastic end cap held in place by a retaining band to prevent leakage.  Good economic operating system. Barrel lids have been modified at LRS by gluing tire patches for longer life.

Price: $159.95


Single-9 Lb-Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Thumler A-R6)

  • A-R6--Complete Unit--121.2K Image.jpg

This is a medium size rotary tumbler.  One 9-Lb capacity barrel and a drive motor.  The larger the barrel, the larger the rock sizes you can polish.  For those of you who have a desire to produce larger volumes of slabs, preforms and baroque-shaped tumbled rock.  Barrel lid has been modified at LRS by gluing a tire patch for longer life.

Price: $178.95


Double-9 LB-Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Thumler A-R18)

  • A-R18--Complete Unit--121.7K Image.jpg

This model is two 9-Lb barrels with a drive motor!  The biggest unit offered by Thumler.  Will produce up to 18 pounds of polished rock at a time, but versatile--you can run just one barrel if you wish--or both barrels--or even an AR-12 barrel.  In a year's time, this unit will produce a LOT of polished rocks!  Units shipped from Little Red Store have had their barrel lids modified at LRS by gluing tire patches for longer life.

Price: $495.95


Single-12 Lb-Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Thumler A-R12)

  • A-R12--Complete Unit--122.2K Image.jpg

This model is a single 12-Lb barrel with a drive motor.  Produces lots of pretty rocks, and a favorite of higher-volume customers.  Nice large barrel is convenient for larger slabs, preforms and baroque rocks.  Get ready to tumble!   Barrel lid has been modified at LRS by gluing a tire patch for longer life.

Price: $199.95


Single-15 Lb-Barrel Rotary Tumbler (Thumler Model B)

  • Mod B--Complete Unit--123.6K Image.jpg

This is the Big Guy!  One 15-pound capacity barrel with drive motor.  Very heavy duty steel drum with replaceable rubber liner--gasketed end closure is secured with wing nuts.  For the tumbler operator who desires a heavy-duty high-volume rotary tumbler.

Price: $269.95


Conversion Kit for Model B Rotary Tumbler (Thumler 140CK)

  • Conversion Kit Only--122.0K Image.jpg

You have a lot of money wrapped up in your Model B single-drum tumbler, now make it more versatile with this kit which converts it to a double 3-pound drum operation.  Conversion kit automatically adjusts drum speed for perfect operation.  You can then run 3 pound, 6 pound or 15 pound batches.  Comes with the two 3-pound drums and both quick-change shafts.  Changeover time = 30 seconds!

Price: $79.95